Town Manager David Holt tells the Board of Selectmen on Thursday evening that he’s planning to retire June 30 after 28 years of serving in the position.

NORWAY — Town Manager David Holt told the Board of Selectmen on Thursday evening that he would retire June 30 after 28 years on the job.

Holt told the board that “a week or two ago, I suffered another heart attack.”

It was the third one he’s had in the past six years, Holt said, “and the treatment for me is such that I think it’s time that I retire earlier than I anticipated. I had hoped to work until 65, but the more I think about it, I can’t imagine a circumstance where, as time goes by, I wouldn’t be missing more and more time.”

He added, “It’s not fair to the people here or the town. I think it’s best for all concerned that we start the process of finding a new manager.”

Holt said he did not anticipate working beyond June 30, and drafted an advertisement for the board to run so they could “get a head start on hiring someone.”


Holt was hired in 1989, succeeding Larry Todd, who still lives in the Oxford Hills. Holt is only the second town manager to serve in the position in the past 43 years.

Selectman Bill Damon told the other selectmen that he sat on the board that hired Holt in 1989.

“I had the privilege of calling him and offering him the job,” Damon said.

Selectman Warren Sessions Jr. added, “We’ve had it very easy for a very long time. This won’t be easy.”

But Holt said a change would be good for the town.

“Sometimes, if you work at the same job for a long time, some things don’t get the attention they deserve,” Holt said.

“I had an elderly employee tell me once that sometimes, a change is as good as a rest,” he said. “I think it’s time the town had a rest.”

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