This is in response to Angelo Giberti (April 2), who responded to my letter of March 24 in support of Jan Kippax.

Perhaps Giberti thinks having a tooth pulled should be like going on a picnic. Oral surgeons have a release form that patients have to sign. I would imagine Giberti (and others) had to sign his name on the form, right under where it states a long list of things that can go wrong, including a broken jaw and nerve damage, and that a local anesthetic doesn’t always work for everyone.

Now, turn on the lights. The doctor walks in, slaps on a new pair of gloves, asks the patient if there is any feeling (simple yes or no), takes a sterile set of pliers, grabs ahold of the tooth and does his best to make a clean extraction.

Patients have been blaming Kippax for their weak bones or weak immune systems. And fired employees never have good words for an ex-employer.

I am sorry that others had a rough time having teeth pulled. But, in my opinion, Dr. Jan Kippax is a great asset to the local community.

Trying to sway the uninformed public is like, well, pulling teeth.

Jeffrey Keenan, Auburn

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