The state of Maine is near the top of the list as one of the most taxed states in the United States, yet there is a rumor that somebody in the Legislature wanted to increase the tax on gasoline by 15 cents — as if the tax on gasoline isn’t high enough already.

Recently, I read about a proposed additional tax of $1.50 on cigarettes. More recently, I read that officials are looking to tax sports fantasy organizers.

Someone has proposed eliminating tolls on the Maine Turnpike. Great idea, but how to replace that revenue? Another tax?

Do legislators try to justify their positions or get their names in the news by thinking of more taxes, just to get the public to recognize them?

Are people going to wear meters on their backs to get taxed on the air they breathe? How about on the number of trees on people’s property? Why not tax the welfare checks people get? (That system is a joke, anyway.)

Like most people, I am sick and tired of taxes in general, but I realize that some are necessary to keep the state and towns viable. But why do people have to register their cars every year?

Taxes. No wonder people are moving to Florida so taxes can be avoided.

When do new taxes stop and old taxes get repealed? Not before I am long gone.

George Ferguson, Sabattus

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