Every day, I turn on the television and watch the news, and each day I become more horrified at what is taking place in Donald Trump’s administration.

It is unbelievable to me that the American public is not more concerned with his decisions to destroy the environment and his attempts to destroy democracy with his blatant fascination of Vladimir Putin.

It is fairly obvious to many people that Trump is setting his sights on becoming a dictator. In doing research I found that, at one time, Trump was fascinated with Adolf Hitler and read several books about him and how he came to power.

Now I hear about Trump’s daughter being moved into a White House office, and his son-in-law traveling in foreign countries, making decisions that he has no business being involved in.

Why is there no outrage about the nepotism taking place? Why is there no outrage about the amount of tax dollars being used to continue Trump’s lavish lifestyle while he wants to take away Meals-On-Wheels and nutrition for children in school? Why is there no outrage about official business being conducted in Florida instead of the White House?

How many people will have any medical insurance when the Republicans are done in Washington?

Just how is Trump making America great again? So far, I have seen nothing to convince me that is happening. Instead, it is a daily dose of how he is trying to destroy the America I know and love.

Virginia Starbird, Leeds

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