LEWISTON — Police officials want to be sure they can find you in case of an emergency.

The Lewiston Police Department and Code Enforcement are urging residents to prominently display their address number on their residence to ensure the quickest response possible in the event of an emergency. 

In a news release this week, the city described the new project as an effort to ensure that citizens “are in compliance with a city ordinance that mandates properties have the street address number prominently affixed to them.” 

“We urge property owners to take note of these ongoing efforts and get into compliance so we can better serve and protect the community,” the release states. 

According to the release, time is normally not an important factor in finding someone’s home, but in an emergency situation, it can save important minutes. 

“Fire, ambulance and police personnel who have never been to your house need to be able to locate you quickly when you call. If your home and/or mailbox does not CLEARLY show your address, it can delay vital emergency help to you or your neighbors. Minutes will seem like hours when you are awaiting help!” the release said. 

According to Lewiston’s city ordinance, each property owner receives a notice from the city regarding the assigned door number, which states the owner must display the number within a period of seven days “in a prominent place on or near the front of the building so that such can be readily seen from the street.”

The notice also states that violating the ordinance is an offense for each day of violation.

For more information, contact Lewiston Police Lt. David St. Pierre at 207-513-3001, ext. 3323. 

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