Netflix customers, beware: Scammers are conducting a campaign to obtain personal and financial information from Netflix users across the country, the AARP Fraud Watch Network reports.

Netflix users are receiving an email claiming to be from the company. The phishing email looks surprisingly realistic, and uses servers that were compromised, according to AARP.

The email asks Netflix customers to update their Netflix login information. After providing this, a second screen appears which asks users to validate their payment information. After providing their information on the fraudulent website, the Netflix customers are redirected to the actual Netflix homepage.

If you receive this email, do not click on the box and do not fill out any personal information; it’s a scam, AARP advises.

“If you have questions about your Netflix account, contact the company directly, don’t open the email, don’t click through,” said AARP Maine spokeswoman Jane Margesson.

“Delete the email and contact the company yourself,” she said.


This kind of email is growing more common and happens with all kinds of companies and services. “It’s one of the top ways scammers scam,” she said. An email you receive could look like it’s from your bank, retail stores, “anything,” Margesson said. “It’s not hard to copy a logo.”

Another way to tell if it’s a fraudulent email is examine the email address from which it was sent. “Hover over the email address and see what pops up,” Margesson said.

Scams should be reported to local law enforcement. For more information on fraud prevention, contact the AARP Fraud Watch Network at

An image of a fake email sent to Netflix clients that looks authentic. Jane Margesson of AARP Maine cautions consumers not to fill out the survey. If they have questions about their account, they should contact Netflix independently.

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