DEAR SUN SPOTS: For months we have heard the ads saying that Time Warner and Spectrum are one company. When I got my last bill I noticed that I was still being charged for my modem rental plus a new broadcast TV surcharge and sports programming surcharge.

I called Spectrum and asked them why I was being charged for my modem. They asked me if I had called them and asked them to switch me and I said I assumed that was done automatically. Her response was no, unless you call us and tell us, you will continue to be a Time Warner customer. As far as the surcharge, I was not able to get a clear understanding.

Every time I call them and get a different a rep, I get different answers. I am aware some of this information is available online, but even that is misleading.

One unanswered question is, as a Time Warner customer, can you take advantage of the specials that Spectrum is offering? In essence, we are transferring to another company, so would there be any penalties? And lastly, how much for the “basic” package alone, and how much would it be if we added the “select” package? — Fred, no town.

ANSWER: The good news is that the confusion should not last long. According to their website, they are working hard to complete the transition of all services to Spectrum. Soon all Time Warner customers will be Spectrum customers. You should not have any trouble accessing Spectrum’s offers, just let them know that you are ready to switch — Time Warner Cable has already merged with Charter Communications and is now known as Spectrum, so this “switch” will happen eventually anyway.

Pricing, specials and services depend on your existing account or by searching with your home address, so Sun Spots was unable research what is available to you specifically. Check out to see what they have to offer.


They say that changes are in the works, but for the time being, “your services will remain unchanged. In the coming months you’ll hear more as it relates to network, product and service improvements.”

Former Time Warner Cable residential customers can call 800-892-4357 for assistance or check out for frequently asked questions as well as a whole directory of support topics. They have a live chat option on this website as well for extra assistance.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Auburn Exchange Club provides warm clothing to approximately 80 needy children in the L/A area each December. We provide coats, hats, ski pants, sweatshirts and blankets, depending on age. Each family of the children also receives a full turkey dinner with all the fixings.

I read the entry from Rachel this morning, asking if any organization could use hats and scarves. We could certainly find homes for them! Call 207-344-0007.

Thank you for the service you provide to the community! Best regards. — Rollie Heckethorn, Auburn Exchange Club.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The American Legion Auxiliary in Sabattus will hold an indoor yard sale on Saturday, May 20 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tables are still available. $20 for 6-foot table, $25 for 8-foot table. If interested or for more information, please contact Denise Michaud at 207-713-8258.

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