This is a response to Lewiston City Councilor Jim Lysen’s letter from April 18, “Ben Chin can get things done.”

The councilor states Mr. Chin “led the charge” against the Pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) trash system in Lewiston, but the facts about PAYT could not be further from reality.

I know, as I was there when this was discussed at the Public Works Committee meetings. I have yet to see Mr. Chin attend any of these meetings.

I happened to also be the only member of the committee who voted against the recommended proposal, which was subsequently voted down by the City Council. Mr. Chin was not at this City Council meeting either.

Exactly what “charge” did he lead?

The only charge Mr. Chin took against PAYT was his campaigns failed negative ad, attacking the mayor for the idea of PAYT. This campaign ad, much like Mr. Lysen’s comments, was again not factual. PAYT was a concept idea, developed at the Public Works Committee, not from the mayor.

These false and negative ads could be the reason the incumbent mayor was re-elected for his third term. A picture of the current mayor, in front of a pile of trash? I mean really?

It is nice to see Lysen’s second letter in support of Mr. Chin in as many months. My only wish is that he would write and promote his voting record on the council for improving the city of Lewiston. If there is anything he’s done he cares to promote.

Benjamin Martin, Lewiston

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