WELD — The Franklin County Extension Homemakers Annual Spring Meeting was held at the Weld Town Hall and hosted by the Weld Extension Homemakers.

?President Jennifer Latham presided over the business meeting which opened with the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag and the Extension Homemakers Creed written by the late Caroline Mayo. The theme was Birds of Spring. President Latham has chosen the owl, representing knowledge and wisdom, as the symbol for her administration.

2016 FCEH Volunteer Highlights included facts reported by six local Extension Homemaker groups. Volunteer hours were listed as 7,763.50 hours, with a value of $135,861.25. 120 educational programs were offered.

Treasurer Betty Snell submitted the FCEH Treasurer’s report which was accepted by vote.

?Barbara Hathaway, Neighborhood Group Extension Homemaker, and United Methodist Church Certified Lay Minister, presented a Member Memorial Service with a theme of Extension Homemakers are like Fragrant Flowers in our Garden. Each flower has a special symbolism that is used to signify remembrance. Purple Hyacinth show sorrow and Gladiolus are for strength of character, ?faithfulness and honor. Remembrance Candles were lit for four Extension Homemaker members.

?An Apple Pickin’ Time theme skit was presented to invite the members to the MEHC Fall Meeting being hosted by Franklin County Extension Homemakers in October, at the University of Maine Farmington.

The program was Birds of Spring, presented by Margaret Viens, an avid bird watcher and photographer. The focus was on Maine birds, their habitat, migration routes and how to identify types of birds.

?Maine Extension Homemaker Council President Barbara Lord and MEHC Vice-President Bea LaPlante, were in attendance, as was Debbie Killlam, UMaine Cooperative Extension Adviser.

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