BRUNSWICK — The Planning Board approved plans Tuesday for a seven-home subdivision on Route 1, near the Freeport town line.

It also approved a common development plan and sketch plan for a commercial office and retail complex on Bath Road in the Cooks Corner area.

The Rolling Meadows subdivision at 720 Old Portland Road will occupy 18.5 acres of a 51-acre parcel, a forested area between Route 1 and Interstate 295 that contains several wetlands and a stream.

It also incorporates a previously purchased 2.5-acre lot adjacent to the southwest corner of the parcel.

Developer David Marstaller said he intends to retain the remaining 30 acres of land.

A T-shaped private drive will connect the seven lots, which will include underground electric, septic, and private wells. Each is about an acre in size, except for the larger, southwestern property.


Adrienne Fine, of Terradyn Consultants, noted the town, septic, and wetland setbacks have delineated irregularly shaped building envelopes within each lot.

Town Planner Jared Woolston called the resulting shapes “wacky,” and the board asked the developer to include in the Home Owners Association document specifications as to where property owners could disrupt vegetation and soil.

Fine also explained that a storm management system – made up of a series of culverts and swales – will direct water away from developed properties toward the streams and wetlands to the eastern and western sides of the property.

Otherwise, she said the plans have not drastically changed since the board approved a sketch plan proposal in February.

Marstaller intends to begin construction on the market-rate homes next month.

305 Bath Road

The approved common development and sketch plan for 305 Bath Road, across from nearby Medical Center Drive, calls for a campus-style complex of large medical office buildings and smaller, street-facing retail lots.


Project engineer Curt Neufeld, of Sitelines, said the development would grow in phases, but the entire site will share a unified building and landscaping theme.

Plans call for a boulevard-style entrance off Bath Road that feeds into a large loop, connecting the six buildings.

The size of the buildings will range between 10,000-20,000 square feet; the two smallest structures will face the street in the attempt to obscure the campus’ larger buildings and parking lots.

Planner Jared Woolston noted the orientation was a common strategy employed in the Cooks Corner area, which is home to many big-box stores that are set back from the road, and hidden by smaller, street-facing establishments.

An aerial view of the 50-acre property at 720 Old Portland Road, Brunswick.

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