The bill, co-sponsored by Sen. Eric Brakey of Auburn that would open up owners of establishments that ban guns to lawsuits, is just crazy.

So a person in a bar has a few drinks and starts a fight. His opponent pulls a knife and slashes the other person’s arm, requiring a trip to the hospital. No ObamaCare. No insurance. But wait. The injured party can just sue the bar owner. “Your honor, if I had had my gun with me I could have shot the guy with the knife, but the bar banned guns. It’s the bar owner’s fault.”

Incredible. (Come on, LaFlamme, there’s got to be a column in here somewhere.)

The small business owner, whom Brakey claims to support, is put at financial risk for attempting to protect his clients from even more violent acts, while business insurance goes up as the number of lawsuits goes up and attorneys collect their fees.

Brakey also supports fewer regulations, yet wants to add one which would cost taxpayers to enforce if the bill passes.

Can anyone see the hypocrisy there?

Robert Limoges, Poland

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