The PUC’s stand on phasing out net-metering is extremely detrimental to all of those who have invested or intend to invest in solar energy. As a matter of fact, its decision is a death knell for energy in Maine. It is a very backward and biased decision. The decision will result in the loss of jobs that would be filled by high school graduates.

As a retired high school teacher in this state, I am very much aware of students who will not go on to college for a number of reasons, but who, with community college or less, could easily find jobs working for the solar energy industry.

One avenue to addressing this issue is to support LD 1373, which supports solar energy.

I keep wondering why Maine is the only state on the East Coast that does not support solar energy. When I looked at the number of jobs and monetary advantage to all of the states that have supported solar power, I couldn’t help but wonder. Even Kentucky coal companies are looking into solar power. The Berkely Energy Group, one of the largest coal companies in Kentucky, is looking to the future by building large solar power farms on top of their non-functional coal mines. One of their goals is to provide jobs for miners who are out of work.

Maine needs to move forward and join the rest of the forward thinking states that are benefiting from solar.

Maine needs to pass LD 1373 and support solar power.

Nancy Gilbert, Durham

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