AUBURN — A local automobile towing company and salvage yard has agreed to pay $7,500 in fines after the Maine Department of Environmental Protection identified stormwater pollution violations at the site. 

According to a monthly enforcement report released by the the DEP this week, Don’s No Preference Towing Co., also known as Morris Auto Parts, was found in violation of roughly a dozen requirements.

They include properly certifying a stormwater pollution prevention plan; identifying each separate area where industrial material activities are exposed or potentially exposed to stormwater; identifying the areas where potential spills and leaks may occur; inspecting all equipment containing oily parts, hydraulic fluids, or any other type of fluids monthly; documenting quarterly site inspections; and performing visual examination of a stormwater discharge with industrial activity from each outfall on a quarterly basis. 

The notice also said the business failed to maintain the necessary documents, testing and employee training.

According to the report, the business has a multi-sector general permit for stormwater discharge associated with industrial activity, which comes with the pollution mitigation requirements. 

The violations fall under the state’s Maine Protection and Improvement of Waters law, and the DEP’s rules concerning Applications for Waste Discharge Licenses. 

The business is at 940 Washington St. 

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