As Mainers, we can be proud of the senators who have represented our state in Washington, D.C. — think of Republicans Margaret Chase Smith and Bill Cohen; Democrats George Mitchell and Ed Muskie. They were people of integrity and courage who took positions after thoughtful consideration of costs and benefits for both their constituents and the entire national community. The respect they earned during their terms in office endured as they continued to serve the state and nation even after they left office.

It’s not possible to determine if Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King will be included in that select group, but they have each shown moments of courage, compassion and good judgment.

Admittedly, those are tough acts to follow, but Eric Brakey’s record shows clearly that he lacks the qualities of leadership and good judgment needed to adequately represent Maine in the U.S. Senate. His record in the state legislature consists largely of submitting large numbers of bills, many of them so frivolous they received support from few other colleagues.

He presents himself as “a libertarian,” but his recent co-sponsorship of a bill titled “An Act Relating to Firearms Exclusions in Certain Locations” gives lie to that. That measure would allow the government broad new areas of control over individual liberties and property rights — the very opposite of libertarian goals.

As a candidate for national office, the Sun Journal’s accurate coverage of Brakey’s state office performance, the fate of bills he submits and his actual accomplishments matter.

Silver Moore-Leamon, Auburn

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