Despite overwhelming opposition, President Barack Obama remains the only president to defy atrocities committed by insatiable insurance giants feeding off the public and destroying the health care system. He deserves credit rather than denigration from bureaucratic charlatans.

Sadly, in retaliation for their thwarted eight-year agenda of making Obama a one-term president, Republican officials, at the expense of the nation and its people, opposed him on every issue as a matter of frenzied, infantile political posturing.

Granted, Obamacare is not the Utopian solution reining in a gluttonous financial embarrassment masquerading as the world’s consummate medical institution. No undertaking that important ever was. For its positive features, the Affordable Care Act deserves consideration as a cornerstone toward developing an enviable medical program.

Invoking absolute repeal, the Republican Party, aligned with media dullards nationwide, has maligned Obamacare since its inception. Incredibly, other than blowing smoke out of their keisters, not one of those legislative parasites ever proposed a sensible alternative solution.

When their current fiasco destroys families, perhaps the people will remember come the next election.

Incidentally, to my everlasting shame, I am a 77-year-old Republican, wondering whatever happened to my party’s mandate as representatives of the people, rather than a mutant, egocentric assembly of dim-witted idiots.

When a nation’s leadership is for sale to the highest bidders, its death rattle is not far behind. My only regret is that I have lived long enough to witness the demise of my country.

Roger Turcotte, Lewiston

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