100 years ago, 1917
Some “stunt” was that pulled off by Agent Emil Dick of the Barker mill in Auburn, when he sent teams into Monmouth for seed potatoes to be sold practically at cost to his mill employees, for home gardens, and others who need this help. Leaving Lewiston at five a.m., Friday, these two, two-horse teams did not reach the Monmouth farms where the stock was to be obtained, until 11o’clock. They loaded and started home at three p.m. When they had pulled thru deep mud as far as Day’s Corner, on the Litchfield road, their horses land become so exhausted that both drivers had to throw off 15 bushels of the seed stork, leaving it by the roadside for collection later. The two teams drove into Auburn at one o’clock this morning.

50 years ago, 1967
(Photo Caption) Rapid progress is being made on the construction of a new dormitory-cafeteria at the Central Maine Vocational Institute in Auburn. The facility, when completed, will give the school quarters for resident students for the first time. The dormitory, which will house 57 students, is being built by the Gerard Construction Co. at a cost of about $320,000.

25 years ago, 1992
(Photo Caption) “Made In Maine,” a program produced by public television station. WCBB-10 in Lewiston, won a New England regional Emmy Award this weekend. Among the people who work on the program, which showcases Maine workers and companies, are Gail Gibson, Tess Gagnon, Charley Rose, Kelianne Vallee, Russell Peotter, France Shea, Bill Maroldo and Wayne Waichunas.

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