When will Rumford learn? Take a look at what happened to Strathglass Park since its entry in the National Registry of Historic Places. That designation is of no use. Downtown Rumford cannot be restored to what it was in decades past and become successful by just wishing it to be.

And why has the direction of Congress Street traffic never been changed? It has been suggested through the years by various consultants.

Why on Earth does the Rumford Water District encourage Nestle to build a bottling plant? That must be their first requirement before any further discussion. They must provide a good number of local jobs before even considering the request for residents’ water.

The same old thinking will keep Rumford from any possible progress. There is a dire need for a drastic change in priorities, and a good place to start is a change in the balance of the select board. A change could not make anything worse and is the best chance to finally get something right.

Diana Pratt, Rumford

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