Donald Trump said he would drain the swamp, change/rectify the establishment, the status quo; that he would clean house and “Make America great again.”

What’s the record? There have been at least five close associates so far, including family and appointees (Gen. Michael Flynn, the attorney general and Secretary of State), who seem to have had ties to Russia/Vladimir Putin before and/or during the election.

Trump is the only president or candidate since Nixon not to release his taxes. Why? Are there any connections to dealings with Russian sources?

Wall Street executives, bankers, generals and family have been appointed to key posts in Trump’s administration. Not one independent or Democrat has been appointed to an important position.

His style has been to attack the press, the judicial branch, Mexicans, immigrants and Muslims while using scapegoats to avoid blame. He seeks to divide the people and doesn’t hesitate to tell lies.

The Trump University scandal resulted in $25 million being paid to students.

He backed a health care bill in the U.S. House, yet, had no idea about the cost to the federal budget. That bill would hurt senior citizens, the disabled and those with pre-existing conditions while slashing benefits to those with mental health or substance abuse issues.

I believe Trump is mentally disturbed. He has exhibited narcissism (all about himself), authoritativeness (knows best and should prevail), paranoia (the press, the left is after him), sociopathic qualities (same as con artists, cheats, liars) and delusional tendencies (knows things nobody else does).

Richard Hotte, Poland

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