I will still be voting against the Jay town budget, and the school budget. Perhaps there are too many people with hands in the pot.

Taxpayers pay more, but get less — no rubbish pickup for instance. There is less money for anything to help taxpayers. Mistakes were made, but the taxpayers should not have to pay.

Members of the Jay select board should pay to have the boiler replaced, as was done at the fire station. Something for the town manager to look into.

I hear that taxpayers are forking over some $40 per hour to have the cemeteries mowed.

On to the school budget. Jay taxpayers give the fox $18 million to count the chickens. When the schools were just Jay, state officials came in and claimed the town was spending 30 percent more than they would. With a budget of $10 million, that’s $300,000 in waste. The officials didn’t do Livermore Falls’ budget or submit any information about waste there; maybe it was too scary.

Jay needs a town manager and top officials who will look out for the residents and not for themselves. There have been pay raises all around. Maybe they can take care of other residents.

Allen Hiltz, Jay

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