Recently, the American Laws for American Courts bill failed out of committee, yet again; it was 7-6 “ought not to pass.” That is better than the first two times (8-1 and 9-3). At least the six Republicans voted for it this time.

The left is actively and consciously working to derail/destroy America. They hate it. They won’t vote for anything Republicans want, not even that we are trying to preserve American laws in American courts. Leftists idolize diversity and multiculturalism and said exactly that, flat out, in the discussions before the vote. They said inane things such as, “We have to support our judges and let them know we trust their judgment.”

Oh, the poor dear judges. We must not offend them by giving them clear state policy on what they can use to make decisions, such as the freakin Constitutions. That would be tying their poor, dear hands.

Diversity is so good — and how boring would it be if we didn’t have it? I’ll say how boring.

The left won’t allow diversity for people to express different views. The left is in favor of groups that subjugate women, some who mutilate their little girls.

Because that is what is coming. If it takes 500 years, that is what Islam fundamentalists are working toward and the left is fully on board with that.

There is a civil war brewing in America. That is why America does not figure in end times. It’s absentia, because America will have imploded by then.

Jared Bristol, Hebron

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