DEAR SUN SPOTS:  In 1979 I was attending a ceramics class and made a reproduction of an antique china/porcelain doll head, arms and legs. The style is sometimes called “Jennie June.” The flesh area is stark white and the painted hair and boots are black.

My problem is that I have never been able to find a pattern for a cloth body, arms and legs that is sized to fit the doll. The head is a little over 6 inches tall down to the bottom of the shoulder. 

I have been able to find information that this doll should be about 24 inches tall when finished. 

I am hoping that someone who taught ceramics or someone who also made this doll might have a pattern that I could purchase. 

I would also be interested in clothing patterns to fit. My intention is to make a “Peddler Doll.”

Thank you. Please contact me at 562-7482 or


— Norine Clarke, Dixfield

ANSWER: How about it readers? Does anyone have a pattern that might work for Jennie June?

If no one does, you might contact Sharon Kolibaba with the National Antique Doll Dealers Association in Missouri. It’s an association with members across the country, and they may be able to help you find a pattern that will work. You can reach Sharon at

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The ATV trails in Livermore are closed until May 25, or perhaps later, because of excess rain. The trails are still very muddy and all of our trails are on private property. So we like to stop the damage done by riding too early out of respect for the landowners. 

Once again, the club finds itself in the position of not having a through trail to Canton. A landowner has had his 65-acre lot logged and the club will have to find a way around the property, because the landowner is worried that people will not stay on the marked trail and will ride on the skidder trails.

We’re asking for the public’s cooperation and, until another way is found, the trail into Canton is not a through trail. Once the trails dry out and are opened, we will investigate the possibility of creating a new trail, skirting this landowner’s property.


As always, please respect the landowner’s property and tread lightly.

— Brettuns Wheelers ATV Club Trail Master Paul Litalien and Club President Rene Grondin, Livermore.

ANSWER: Thanks for your reminder to be mindful of landowners’ rights. We all rely on their continued generosity to recreate across the state.

If you want to become active in the Brettuns Wheelers club, members meet at 7 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month at the Livermore Community Center, 25 Church St.

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