LISBON — School administrators discussed professional development, training opportunities and accomplishments during Monday night’s School Committee meeting.

In her report to the committee, Kristie Morin, director of Gartley Street School, said staff regularly attends morning and afternoon meetings to maintain communication and check student plans.

All staff will be certified in behavioral and professional health by August and have attended trainings on regulation zoning, social thinking, suicide prevention, special education, CPR and safety care.

“This year has been one big cloud of professional development and on-the-job training,” Morin said. “It’s been quite the experience.”

At the Lisbon Community School, the Maine Literacy Partnership is visiting to film staff and teachers on how they interact and work with students.

“Students don’t even bat an eye,” Principal Robert Kahler said. “We could have eight adults in a room watching the teacher teach and the kids keep doing what they usually do. They know we’re there to learn, teach one another and to share their learning.”


The school also offers a staff professional day, where different topics and courses are taught by staff, increasing training.

The school also hopes to increase communication and professional development during staff meetings next year by having coaches lead trainings in math and reading.

At the middle and high school, restorative practices lead the way for communication between students and staff, Chairwoman Traci Austin said.

Philip W. Sugg Middle School has been pursuing restorative practices for three years, which does not replace disciplinary measures, Principal Darren Akerman said.

“It’s a sense of building culture from the inside out,” Akerman said.

“These practices have trickled up to the high school and help students find better ways to communicate and solve issues,” Austin said.

The next school committee meeting is at 7 p.m. Monday, June 12, at the Town Office.

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