DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have lots of sheet music in very good condition for sale. Most is from the 1940s big-band era. Are there any buyers of that in Maine?

— No name, no town

ANSWER: The market for sheet music is very active, but most of that activity is online.

For instance, a full score and set of parts for Glenn Miller’s “American Patrol,” arranged by Jerry Gray and recorded in 1942, goes for $60 on

The University of Maine has a vast sheet music collection of some 22,000 works in what it calls the “Maine Music Box.” A librarian was not aware of anyone in Maine interested in purchasing big-band era sheet music, but suggested the Babaduce Music Lending Library in Blue Hill — which collects, preserves and lends printed sheet music and scores to music education programs — may be interested in accepting a donation.

The phone there is 207-374-5454.


Dear readers, does anyone know another option to sell this collection?

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I remember a time when I could access a reverse listing website and quickly get information on a missed call. For some time now I have not been able to find such a site.

Most of the sites advertise “Free Lookup” which is indeed true. The lookup is free, but one cannot access that info without paying something for it.

Seems to me that advertising revenue from those sites should foot the bill, and personally I feel the phone companies should provide this information as part of their telephone service.

Any thoughts?

— Larry O’Rourke, no town


ANSWER: Ahhh, you’re in luck! The online version of the white pages offers a free reverse lookout for people and businesses, by phone and by address.

The site is

It can search only land lines, though. There is no central directory for cellphones.

If you’re wondering if a call you got comes from a scammer, sometimes you can just search that phone number on Google and you’ll get something back — often with comments from people confirming the call was bogus.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: More than a few years ago I asked if the Bates College games could be listed in the local docket of the sports page.

They did appear for a short time, but have recently stopped appearing.


Is there a reason why? Can you start listing the Bates games again?


— Louise Dufour, no town

ANSWER: For years and years Bates College sent us their game schedules, but several years ago stopped doing that. Instead, the college posted its game schedules online.

The online format they use required our Sports staff to basically retype everything, which was very time consuming, so we asked Bates to keep sending us the schedules.

It took a couple of requests, and in the spring of 2015 they started sending us the schedules again. That stopped last winter.

Justin Pelletier, who is managing editor for nights/sports, said he would ask Bates to send us the schedules again so hopefully you’ll see full listings in the Sun Journal for the fall season.

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