On Tuesday, May 30, Andover residents will gather at the Town Hall to vote on the school budget. It is imperative that citizens vote for the budget presented by the School Board.

There is a group of people in Andover who wish to close the elementary school just to save money. That would mean that young children would have to travel out of town.

Andover has an excellent school program here, with many after-school activities.

Having helped with some sports, attended school events and having taken advantage of Grandparents Day, I am amazed at the progress the children make.

I realize that some people might think my interest is only in my grandchild, who has only one more year at Andover Elementary. In that case, I would remind those people who are set on closing the school that some of their children, now grown up, attended programs that I helped with. My interest is that all Andover children have the same opportunity that their children had when they were younger here.

Leon Akers, Andover

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