I am a member of an immigrant family and in my third year of college. My mother has Medicaid insurance due to her not being able to work. It has been reported that some 24 million people are projected to lose their health insurance coverage if or when the Affordable Care Act gets repealed. My family, my friends’ families and my neighbors will be the first to feel that loss.

Politicians are throwing around statistics and figures about health insurance — they don’t seem to realize it is about people’s lives. Repealing ACA and replacing it with AHCA (Trumpcare) is going to affect many Mainers who are low income.

I am glad that the U.S. Senate has rejected the AHCA, but I hope members of the Senate realize that they can save a lot of time and money by simply improving the Affordable Care Act that is already in existence. I think they should either improve the ACA or create single-payer health insurance plans for all. That would be less confusing for all.

Representatives are elected to represent the interest of all people, not just elites, so I hope our representatives are listening.

Mana Abdi, Lewiston

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