If you’re a student counting the days of school left, this is a good year to be graduating from high school.

Why? Snow days — lots of them.

What do snow days and graduation have in common?

“Seniors do not have to make up snow days,” Lewiston High School Principal Shawn Chabot said.

By the way, he will no longer be principal July 1; on that date he becomes assistant superintendent, and Jake Langlais becomes high school principal.

But I digress — back to snow days and seniors.


Because seniors don’t have to make up those six or seven or more snow days, they’ll be dancing their way out of school weeks before everyone else has to sweat it out in class until mid- or late-June.

The school calendars are set more than a year in advance so graduation dates stay the same regardless of how much snow falls.

Edward Little High School seniors graduated June 3; the last day of school is June 20.

Lewiston seniors graduate on June 9; the last day of school is June 22. 

— Bonnie Washuk

ZamZam chosen as LHS’ graduation speaker


Speaking of graduation, the guest speaker at Lewiston’s graduation will be ZamZam Mohamud.

Probably one of the more popular persons of all Lewiston-Auburn — I mean, who doesn’t love ZamZam? — she’s a blast of sunshine and inspiration to everyone she meets.

An immigrant from Somalia and former Lewiston School Committee member, she was picked to be speaker by class officers and their advisers, Chabot said.

I’ve been assigned to cover the graduation.

Note to ZamZam: Can I have your speech ahead of time? It’ll help meeting deadline that night.

— Bonnie Washuk


Nickname in Marines: “Alphabet”

A few weeks ago, I covered two speakers at Edward Little High School’s library, two accomplished military men and graduates of ELHS. They were Retired Army Col. Don Dubay and Retired Marine Todd Desgrosseillier. Both were great speakers.

Wisecracking Desgrosseillier had me laughing when he shared his nickname in the Marines.

Years ago, I often covered his father, Ed Desgrosseillier, who was active in Auburn politics. Every darn time I wrote his last name, I could NEVER remember how to spell it. It just doesn’t make sense. I still can’t write it without looking it up.

So you can imagine how funny I thought it was when Todd revealed his fellow Marines gave him the nickname: “Alphabet.”

Ha! If you don’t think that’s funny right off, try writing his last name without peeking.

— Bonnie Washuk

Bonnie Washuk

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