I could not believe my eyes when I opened up my Facebook account and saw the Sun Journal editorial “Bringing courtesy back to this page” (May 31). I could not be any prouder of the decision to take a stand on civility.

Two years ago, when I started the Facebook page Lewiston Rocks, I was looking for one place for people to go online and discuss matters of local importance with a level of kindness and respect. Social media has, over time, become a cesspool filled with baiting comments, bullying, and downright unproductive conversation. I wanted to have a space where all voices (especially differing ones) felt that they could talk and hash things out without the personal attacks.

I proudly stand by the Sun Journal for the decision to be agents of change and I look forward to engaging people in healthy, productive debate once again on the opinion page. My only request is that the Sun Journal also lead the charge in this new and better civilized world by addressing attention-seeking headlines. I have to believe that more people are drawn to fair reporting and headlines, but they just don’t know where to find them anymore.

The silent majority is awakening and they are demanding the end to polarization. I would hope that they will pull out their wallets to support any group aimed at ending polarization. I know I will.

Heidi Sawyer, Lewiston

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