In response to the letter from Mark Belanger (June 1), who wrote about my remarks about him (May 27), I stand corrected (sort of ).

While campaigning, he and Steve Dyment stopped at my home to talk about the selectman election. I asked about how they felt about selling water and Belanger talked around the issue. I had let them know right off that I was for the Water District selling water.

I asked how would Rumford get the funds to replace the town’s water pipes, and that is when Belanger said we would have to raise taxes. If I had known, at that time, that the Rumford Water District doesn’t use town of Rumford’s taxes at all, I would have corrected him. Not knowing that at the time, I was surprised by his answer.

The Friday after the Water District held its meeting at the Rumford Town Auditorium, I called the Water District to ask a couple questions. That is when I found out the district doesn’t use Rumford town taxes at all.

The following Wednesday, the Rumford Falls Times carried Belanger’s rightful rebuttal to my letter. I called him to apologize and clear up what had happened.

After talking with him, I now know he meant to say raise the Water District rates, not taxes. That he has been an opponent to raising taxes is true and I applaud that. I would not have repeated what I heard him say had I known what he meant.

Ed Bulger, Rumford

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