With the onslaught of so many liberal teachers in the public schools and universities, including retired professor Bill Ayers (who helped bomb the Pentagon in 1972), students are now being instructed that they need to radically transform the nation.

Schools are no longer institutions of learning. They have become laboratories of progressive indoctrination. Encouraging critical thought has been replaced by demanding regurgitation of leftist ideology to get a passing grade.

These days, students know how to address the transgender with the proper pronouns, but they aren’t able to do the basic math. Some textbooks emphasize America’s failure and minimize the nation’s great accomplishments.

Why are American schools undermining the nation’s greatness? Why? Because the liberals want and demand it. Is this the beginning of scholastic political terrorism, tending to show signs of violence?

Berkeley, birthplace of America’s free speech movement, has become a national disgrace. Conservative speakers have been receiving more negative receptions.

The nation’s future leaders are being mentally reprogrammed — some willingly and others unwillingly. That is not the right message to be sent to parents and to the rest of the country.

It seems that with the cost of tuition and room and board — for some colleges amounting to about a quarter of a million dollars for a degree — that students would be getting a better education to prepare them for a serious career. That education might include being taught about self-discipline, respect, morals, dignity and patriotism.

Neil Bourgoin, Jay

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