PARIS — Two political newcomers ousted two incumbents on the Board of Selectmen during the annual election Monday.

Gary Vaughn and John Andrews will each serve a three-year term.

Vaughn, the Economic Development Committee vice chairman, garnered 294 votes, while Andrews, the committee chairman, had 303.

Outgoing board Chairwoman Janet Jamison got 240 votes and Selectman Kathy Richardson got 268.

“I’m just very happy that folks were looking at the issues and making this an election about making Paris a better place,” Vaughn said. “That’s what I wanted all along. … I will do the best I can for (the residents) and bring ideas to them. In the end, it’s up to them. However, it’s not my town, it’s our town (and) we all need to succeed.”

Andrews also welcomed the news of his win.


“It was a hard-fought campaign on all sides — the battle is over,” he said. “It’s time for the town to come together. I look forward with working with all members of the board to make Paris a great place to work and live.”

Both Vaughn and Andrews weighed in on why they thought they were elected to the selectboard.

“At least the majority of people I talked with (said) there is no big disappointment with what’s happening here,” Vaughn said. “They feel we need to move ahead; we need to make some progress.”

“I think we really represented the average person in Paris who is affected by the mill rate,” Andrews said. “That’s why we got elected – to help them out.” 

School Administrative District 17 Directors George “Buddy” Coffren and Henry Raymond ran unopposed and received 428 and 431 votes, respectively.

Paris Utility District Directors Matthew Dieterich and Raymond Lussier Jr. were re-elected with votes of 441 and 405, respectively.

A total of 523 voters showed up at the polls, according to Town Clerk Liz Knox.

Paris voters rejected the state’s $50,000 bond, 278-290.

Ballot clerks Becky Armstrong, right, and Joan Bean chat with resident Roger Fogg on Tuesday afternoon after Fogg voted at the Paris Fire Station. 

Ballot clerks Becky Armstrong, left, and Joan Bean wait for residents to cast ballots Tuesday at the Paris Fire Station.

Gary Vaughn

John Andrews

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