DIXFIELD — The Dirigo High School class of 2017 scholarship awards have been announced. A total of $94,470 was awarded.

Awards and recipients included:

Annie Hazelton Memorial: Justin Cantin.

Banas: Madeline DeGroot.

Campbell Family: Kali McPherson.

Campbell Football Conference: Bryce Whittemore.


Canton Alumni: Madeline DeGroot.

Canton Extension: Kaicey Conant.

Town of Canton: Kali McPherson.

DHS Class of 2012 Class Officer: Mason Corriveau.

Donald Hutchins Jr. Memorial: Emillie Urban.

Priscilla Holt: Amber Ferris.


Loring Swain: Kayla Brooks.

DHSCSF: Nicole Whitman, Noah Brown, Andrew Cayer, Brittany Greig, Kyle Swett, Emillie Urban, Owen Welch-Blackwell, Justin Cantin and Gina Kubesh.

Western Foothills Education: Rebecca Dailey.

Tim Withrow: Andrew Cayer.

Dr. Elsemore: Bryce Whittemore.

Stowell Athletics: Hunter White.


Jason Brown Memorial: Justin Cantin.

Julie Goding Music: Zoe Tacheny.

Robert Edwards Memorial: Nicole Welch.

Flagg Music: Rebecca Dailey.

Franklin Savings Bank: Michael Kersey Jr.

Andrea Witham: Gina Kubesh.


NOCAC: Bryce Whittemore.

Oxford Federal Credit Union: Olivia Noyes.

Webb River Social Alliance: Noah Brown and Liliana Meehan.

In Memory of Althea Fish: Emillie Urban.

Craig Langervin: Hunter White.

David Cox Memorial: Amber Ferris and Ashley Hutchinson


Elizabeth Swan: Bryce Whittemore, Amber Ferris and Zoe Tachemy.

Fraternal Order of Eagles: Ashley Hutchinston.

Gladys Conant: Kaicey Conant.

Ione Harlow: Nicole Welch, Liliana Meehan, Mason Corriveau, Brittany Greig, Bryce Whittemore, Olivia Noyes, Gina Kubesh and Kayla Brooks.

Odd Fellows/Rebekahs: Mason Corriveau, Kayla Brooks, Ashley Hutchinson, Gina Kubesh, Kali Mcpherson, Olivia Noyes, Nicole Welch and Bryce Whittemore.

Dixfield/Dirigo Alumni: Nicole Whitman, Ashley Hutchinson, Hunter White, Madeline DeGroot, Amber Ferris and Kayla Brooks.


Wilbur & Alfreda Cote: Kyle Swett.

Maxine Moore: Mason Corriveau.

Mary Miller Charily: Kaicey Conant and Olivia Noyes.

In memory of Mary Miller Charity: Bryce Whittemore.

Josephine Holman Gill: Liliana Meehan.

MELMAC: Nicole Whitman.


Mitchell Institute: Ashley Hutchinson.

Christmas in the Valley: Zoe Tacheny.

King Hiram Masonic Lodge: Amber Ferris and Bryce Whittemore.

USW Local 900: Olivia Noyes.

Elmer & Mabel Schrock: Owen Welch-Blackwell.

Maine Machine Products: Emilie Urban and Alex Ferland.


Devon Waugh: Justin Cantin.

Devon Waugh: Amber Ferris.

Mystic Tie Lodge: Michael Kersey Jr.

Ralph’s Driving School: Amber Ferris.

River Valley Rotary Club: Amber Ferris.

Dixfield Outdoor Market: Ashley Hutchinson.


Henry Desroches: Kyle Swett.

Thomas O. Cry Post 147, American Legion: Mason Corriveau.

Daughters of Isabella, St. Thomas Circle 546: Mason Corriveau.

Otis Federal Credit Union: Ashley Hutchinson.

In Memory of Loren Keim: Just Cantin.

Rumford Power Scholarship: Bryce Whittemore.


Oxford County Education Retired: Ashley Hutchinson.

4-H Leaders Association and Linda Clark/Margy Justice: Kaicey Conant.

Susan Grover: Kaicey Conant.

Maine Fair Association: Amber Ferris.

Howard Vandersea the Maine Chapter National Football Foundation: Bryce Whittemore.

Dirigo High School

Dirigo High School

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