I was saddened to hear that CMMC Urgent Care in Auburn was closing (Sun Journal, June 15). I understand about making a profit, but smiled when spokeswoman Ericka Dodge indicated that the hospital found many Urgent Care visitors were already patients within the CMH system and should be seeing their primary care doctor.

Everyone knows you cannot see your primary doctor except weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Not on their day off or on weekends, except in emergencies when you are advised to go to the emergency room, which will probably take all day.

Has Dodge actually tried to make an appointment with a primary care doctor?

Not feeling well? Call doctor’s office; several options to choose from; pick one, all lines busy; hold for next available or leave number for call back; decide to leave number. Wait a half-hour to one hour (or more) for call back. Explain symptoms to nurse; she will talk to doctor and call back. Another hour (or more), nurse calls back, says wait a couple of days to see if symptoms go away, if not, call back. Couple of days later, call back and start process all over again, probably waiting a few more days for an actual appointment.

I’m guessing that most urgent care visits take less than an hour and you have actually talked to someone who can give you some advice or something to make you feel better.

If you have access to urgent care, why wouldn’t you use it?

Sandra Chamberlain, Auburn

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