As I was reading the Sun Journal on Saturday morning (July 1), I couldn’t believe how the Sun Journal wasted space on a front page article about businessman Andrew Knight moving back out of Maine citing “this strong negativity” “that’s very, very taxing” as his reason for doing so.

Knight complained that “the belief that ‘You’re not a true Mainer unless you’re born here’ is very disconcerting to new residents.”

Why is this disconcerting? The dictionary does define “Mainer” as “a native or inhabitant of the state of Maine.”

He needs to lighten up and get over it.

By overlooking the fact that thousands of folks “from away” have moved here and settled down just fine, Knight is giving “Vacationland,” “The Pine Tree State” where it’s “the way life should be,” an unwarranted black eye. If he is that “astonished by (the) name-calling and hatred” within the Lewiston-Auburn community, he can always try the other L.A. and see if he likes how things are going over there.

Guess we didn’t live up to how folks should behave in Knight’s presence. Maybe if he wears something plaid and learns how to say “ayuh,” he could blend in. Well, eventually. Maybe.

David Theriault, Rumford

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