As a proponent of renewable energy, I was thrilled to hear that the Maine Legislature passed LD 1504, a Republican-written solar bill, by overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate. I was also very happy to learn that Rep. Bruce Bickford voted to support the solar bill, and I thank him.

The bill overturns a ruling by the Public Utilities Commission that would have cost all Maine ratepayers about $2 million in additional unnecessary meters and other costs. Maine also boasts a small but thriving solar industry, mostly owned by small business owners. This bill will help ensure they are able to stay in Maine.

It is expected that the governor will veto this bill, which is unfortunate as the Legislature worked hard to find bipartisan support. If the Legislature fails to override the governor’s veto, the radical, expensive anti-solar ruling of the PUC will go into effect.

I sincerely hope that Rep. Bickford will continue to support the bill and vote to override the governor’s veto.

The solar industry in the United States is growing rapidly but, unfortunately, Maine is missing out because of the state’s lack of reasonable and effective solar policies.We cannot afford to go backwards, and we certainly cannot afford millions of dollars in new fees and ratepayer costs.

Wendy Schlotterbeck, Auburn

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