NORWAY — The Board of Selectmen voted 5-0 Thursday evening to purchase a used loader for $120,700, replacing one too big to fit in the town garage.

At the board’s June 15 meeting, Assistant Road Foreman Art Chappell said that five years ago, the town was supposed to replace the Highway Department’s oldest John Deere loader with a new one. The town decided to purchase a new grader instead and replace the old loader with a used one. Chappell said it was too big for the garage.

Then-Town Manager David Holt told Chappell and the Highway Department that the town didn’t have enough money to purchase a new loader, which was priced at $192,000, minus the $20,000 the department would get for trading in the used one.

However, Chappell said the highway department found a 2014 Komatsu for $120,000.

The board voted at the June 15 meeting to give the Highway Department two weeks to try out the Komatsu loader and see if it works for them.

At Thursday’s meeting, Chappell said employees all enjoyed using it and that it looks and runs “brand new.”

“I think we’re getting a good deal,” he said, although it doesn’t come with a warranty.

“We’ve had other items that have warranties, and when something goes wrong, it’s something that’s not covered by the warranty,” Chappell said. “I’m not too worried about it.”

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