Clint Relyea, 219 Forest Avenue, home occupation for homestay.

Shane and Erin Miller, 20 Crosby Street, new pole barn for personal storage.

Laurie Carpenter, 109 Forest Avenue, use of accessory dwelling as a rental.

City Reach Church, 11 Union Street, demolition of building.

Karen Jones, 69 Gould Road, retaining wall.

James Hogan, 401 Main Street, 24 foot by 28 foot garage.


Patrick Daigle, 109 Gould Road, remove 2,245 square foot camp/replace with 1,863 square foot structure; rause foundation three feet.

Lenore Tipping,14 Kell Street, home occupation for home business – psychology office.

Krystal Poulin, 54 Pine Street Apt. D, home ocupation – home office – selling nail care products.

Wade Cressey, 40 Myrtle Street, replace six windows and one entry door on front porch.

Edward Jernigan, 1 Old Meadow Lane, 234 square foot addition.

Judson McIntosh, 25 Edgewood, 1,152 square foot garage.


Dysarts, 10 Stillwater Avenue, two replacement signs.

Richard LaMothe, Lot 11, Shoppe Trailer Park, 16 foot by 72 foot mobile home.

Cryptic House, 12 Westwood Drive, demolish 30 foot by 30 foot two story barn. Cassandra Babbitt, 108 Forest Avenue, home occupation for a home office – quilting.

Cryptic House LLC, 12 Westwood Drive, new driveway and parking.

Erin Ellis, 5 Noyes Drive, 221 square foot deck.

UMO, 47 Beddington Road, renovations to Barrows Hall.


UMO, Memorial Union/Bears Den, renovations,.

Tracey Roy, 165 Stillwater Avenue, less than 100 cubic yards of fill – filling in low area of lawn.

Main St Apts, LLC, 15 Pond Strreet, less than 100 cubic yards of fill – filling in low area at rear of property.

Mackenzie Hanson, 77 Forest Avenue, 12 foot by 16 foot shed.

Geoff Gordon, 22 Hamlin Street, 120 square foot garden shed.

Rick Booker, 5 Fernwood Avenue, 84 square foot deck addition and resurfacing driveway.


Tracy Richardson, 17 Middle Street, home occupation permit for home office as a lawn care business.

Sean Taylor, 11 Averill Street, replace five windows.

Linda Bowlby, 129 Gould Road, 10 foot by 10 foot storage shed.

Laura Winters, 177 Stillwater Avenue, home business – roadside stand for hot dog stand.

Ann Ross, 36 Myrtle Street, pilates workout studio- home business.

Beverly Richards, 860 Forest Avenue, retail business selling used and refurbished furniture.

Lynn Caron, 12 Shadbush Lane, up to six female chickens.

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