In the upcoming November election, there’s potential for significant turnover among elected officials in the Twin Cities, and it will start from the top down.

The mayors of both cities – Robert Macdonald in Lewiston and Jonathan LaBonte in Auburn – are on their way out. And following them are a number of councilors. In both cities, all councilors (and school committee members) are elected to two-year terms during the same election cycle. 

Lewiston councilors Tim Lajoie, Isobel Golden and Michael Lachance have already announced they will not seek re-election this year. Shane Bouchard said he hasn’t decided yet, and Joline Landry-Beam is planning to run but hasn’t yet taken out papers.

In Auburn, the list of those not running includes Robert Stone and Grady Burns. Ward 4 Councilor Adam Lee is running for mayor. A host of newcomers are throwing in their names in both cities. 

In Lewiston, completed nomination papers must be filed with the City Clerk’s office no later than 4 p.m. Friday, Sept. 8. Candidates for mayor must have signatures from at least 100 registered voters. City Council candidates must have at least 50 signatures. 

Completed papers are due back earlier in Auburn, by 4:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 24. The same number of signatures are required by candidates in Auburn. 


The municipal election will be held Tuesday, Nov. 7.

The following is a list of who has taken out papers to run for elected office in Lewiston and Auburn this November. Some candidates have already returned their nomination papers, with signatures verified. Both cities are updating the lists weekly online. 


Mayor: Mark Cayer (verified), Charles Soule (verified), Ron Potvin, Ben Chin

Council Ward 1: James Lysen

Council Ward 2: Zach Pettengill


Council Ward 3: Alicia Rea

Council Ward 4: Michel A. Lajoie

Council Ward 5: Jason Lavoie, Kristen Cloutier

Council Ward 6: None

Council Ward 7: Thomas Shannon 



Mayor: Adam Lee (verified), Jason Levesque

Council Ward 1: None

Council Ward 2: Robert Hayes (verified), Robert Stone 

Council Ward 3: Andrew Titus

Council Ward 4: None

Council Ward 5: Edward Campbell, Robert Sevigny, Leroy Walker (verified), R. Wayne Werts

Council At-Large (two are elected): Edward Campbell, Belinda Gerry, Robert Hayes, R. Wayne Werts (verified), David Young (verified)

Lewiston Mayor Bob Macdonald takes the stage during the 2016 inaugural ceremonies. Macdonald, who is term-limited in Lewiston, highlights a significant turnover among elected officials in both Lewiston and Auburn. Councilor Tim Lajoie, right, is also not seeking re-election. 

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