I write to express my admiration for a program being administered by Sheriff Samson and his staff. I feel the taxpayers and citizens of Androscoggin County should be made aware of this program.

I am a trustee and treasurer of the Mountain View Cemetery Association, located on the outskirts of Auburn. This is an older cemetery with little funds and less able members to help out with cleanup and brush cutting.

I inquired of the chief deputy if any inmate help was possible and he immediately replied and referred me to Sgt. Victoria Langelier, the program director. She also was quick to respond and affirmed availability of help on a given date.

On that date, they arrived on time and very ready to help. There were five young men who did a  fantastic job of cutting brush, hauling it out and raking. These young men not only worked hard at this task, but amazed me at their compassion and interest in the job. They were careful and protective of the markers and gravestones and some were intrigued by the history and dates and also of the veterans’ graves.

These men labored tirelessly for about six hours and did a remarkable job, only stopping for a water and lunch.

I feel that these men need to be recognized for their efforts to give back to society and the community. I also want to publicly applaud Sgt. Langelier, Chief Deputy Gagne and Sheriff Samson for their work and ability and concerns for all involved. There certainly is good to be gained from their efforts.

Buster Downing, Auburn

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