CHESTERVILLE — Selectmen have voted unanimously to pay election workers $1 more per hour than the minimum wage.

Selectman Vice Chairman Tiffany Estabrook said at Thursday’s meeting that the pay wasn’t increased when the minimum wage went to $9 earlier this year. The workers had been receiving 25 cents more than the minimum wage before that increase, she said.

In making the motion, Selectman Edward Hastings IV said, “It’s not much money.”

Selectman Ross Clair said Chesterville has a real good team. It’s a part-time job and they come when needed.

“It shows our appreciation,” Clair said.

Estabrook agreed but suggested $9.50 per hour now and raising it to $10 in the next budget.

“At least three elections will be needed for the school budget process this year,” she said. “I’m thinking of what was budgeted and the numbers.”

After the vote, the board agreed by consensus the raise would not be retroactive.

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