Ever hear the expression “save for a rainy day”? Well, guess what? It’s raining and flooding. And guess what? There are no savings to fall back on. I guess the U.S. Congress never heard that saying. They have been spending and overspending to the point of borrowing to spend more, leaving this country in unimaginable debt.

News alert: Future generations will be stuck with that massive debt.

Congress has been very generous, sending billions of dollars to other countries. Another saying — “charity begins at home.”

By the way, members of Congress are also very generous to themselves, not to mention rewarding illegal immigrant lawbreakers with welfare benefits. According to Center for Migration Studies AAPI data, there are 1.6 million undocumented Asians alone, not counting those from other parts of the world. And how about all the able-bodied Americans who are making a career of receiving welfare?

Congress is in charge with spending the public’s hard-earned tax dollars. Here is a good saying for them: “Broke people will stay broke by living like they’re rich, and rich people will stay rich by living like they’re broke.”

Joan Villani, Lewiston

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