AUBURN — Coming off a successful 2016 season, Wallingford’s Orchard, 1240 Perkins Ridge Road, is adding more thrills and chills to its night-time haunted walk. Last year, “Nightmare on the Ridge,” as the haunted walk is named, added covered structures to help people stay out of the elements.

“The whole appeal for us is the eerie feeling of being in the orchard at night,” says Angela Coron, one of the developers of the walk. “That being said, we wanted to try and keep the patrons out of the elements as much as possible, so they could enjoy the experience in any type of weather.”

“We received a lot of positive feedback about the structures, and had a good turnout even on nights when the weather wasn’t cooperating. People were still able to enjoy themselves,” said Peter Ricker, owner of Wallingford’s Orchard.

Along with the success of the structures, the Nightmare on the Ridge is adding more spookiness to the haunt. “We want to add new twists and turns. If you have a nightmare, we want to tap into that,” added Coron.

The haunted walk will operate weekend nights throughout the month of October. 

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