What if the new Edward Little High School featured an arts center with space for performing and studio arts and students from throughout the community could attend?

What if Lewiston High School created a science and technology center with apprenticeship programs and students from throughout the community could attend?

What if special needs students could stay in the community to receive their services?

If Lewiston and Auburn merge, those are the kinds of things that become very possible for the children.

We can always hope that the two cities and school departments will work together to create those kinds of programs, but what are the odds of achieving that level of cooperation with 29 city councilors and school committee members, two mayors, two superintendents and two city managers?

As one city, all of the separate schools and sports teams can be maintained while offering a level of specialized programming that is currently not financially feasible when each city is mandated to maintain certain services.


So many restrictive regulations disappear when there is one school system.

Our children deserve the best we can possibly give them.

It can happen.

Possibility is why I will vote to merge the two cities on Nov. 7.

Tamera Grieshaber, Lewiston

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