Four monster hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean within a span of a few weeks is not enough to dent the alt-right’s (aka Republican Party) mad fantasy denying the fact of climate change.

Global warming doesn’t care whether President Donald Trump and the Republicans deny its existence, any more than the tide cared about Canute. It is a thing of nature, not politics. It is going to keep on happening no matter who is in the Oval Office or Congress.

People and nations can use the remaining time to ease carbon disposal into the air, and to prepare to manage and mitigate the disastrous changes it will bring — or not. Pretending it isn’t real won’t make it stop. It will only render us criminally unprepared to face reality until it is too late.

I think the rest of us should leave the deniers to their fantasy world and move on without them. They can keep going back in time until they reach the Dark Ages, when learning and science were heretical enemies, not the manifestations of God’s awesome power and the means he gave us to move ahead as a species.

Andrew Hall, Lewiston

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