How much more proof do people need that Donald Trump is unfit to serve? He has brought the United States closer to a war with North Korea than any other administration due to childish and petty name calling. His loved ones won’t be fighting that war. He has alienated countries around the world with his comments.

The world is on the brink of nuclear war and his main concern is with the NFL. His obscenity-laced speech was totally improper. He doesn’t approve of the new playing rules. Will his son be playing a contact sport? I doubt it.

He hasn’t drained the swamp — he has re-stocked it. He has not accomplished one thing in eight months in office. He has just undone what had been done previously.

People only have to watch the Ken Burns documentary about Vietnam to see the terrible things that can happen to this country when there is bad leadership.

Gail Beaucage, Lewiston

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