OXFORD HILLS — Every year across the state, Maine Harvest Lunch Week celebrates fresh, local food in public schools. Maine Harvest Lunch week aims to teach students where food comes from, and how buying local food from local farmers can be good for health, budget and community.

Maine Harvest Lunch Week looks different in every school and district across the state of Maine. In SAD 17, whenever possible, local, seasonal fruits and vegetables are offered for a delicious lunch menu throughout the year, and especially during Maine Harvest Lunch Week.

Be sure to check out the full Maine Harvest Lunch menu featuring foods from local farms.

This year, the Western Foothills Harvest Map (see page 6A) is being introduced to help families keep the local food celebration going long after Maine Harvest Lunch Week. Consumers can use this map to plan new adventures and see for themselves where this healthy, delicious, local food comes from.

While there are hundreds of farms in the Western Foothills, the map shows just a few. The Maine Food Atlas is a resource for finding the rest. It can be found at www.mainefoodatlas.org.

Something for all


Many farmers and markets accept SNAP/EBT and some will even double your money with Maine Harvest Bucks for fruits and vegetables.

There are so many farms, orchards, farmers’ markets and local food hubs to choose from all of which welcome families to come visit and by fresh and healthy foods.

Perhaps families are looking for something to do over the weekend and might enjoy combining the chore of food shopping with something the kids will enjoy. Discovering where food comes from and seeing it growing or “on the hoof” is a way to learn and have fun at the same time.

Discovering new foods and getting suggestions on how to use them straight from the grower adds to the adventure.

What are those weird twisted things (scapes) and what do you do with them? You can eat ferns (fiddle heads)? Ground cherries – sweet and delicious. Wait, purple carrots?

Hopefully, there a few weeks left before the first snowfall so grab your map and get going on a new and unique adventure!

Harvest Lunch Week Menu

SAD 17 District

September 25th to 29th

Tomato Soup w/ Crackers

String Cheese

Monday: Wheat Bread

Oakhurst Milk

Feature: Fresh Apple from Cooper Farms, West Paris 

Homemade Chili con Carne w/ Beans


Tuesday: Assorted Fruit

Salad Bar

Oakhurst Milk

Feature: Kidney Beans Grown & Packed by Green Thumb Farms, Fryeburg

Ground Beef from Pineland Farms, New Gloucester

Turkey & Cheese on Bun

Carrot Sticks

Yogurt w/ Blueberries

Wednesday: Assorted Fruit

Salad Bar

Oakhurst Milk

Feature: Maine Wild Blueberries from Ellsworth 

Hamburger on Bun

Baked Potato

Thursday: Peas

Assorted Fruit

Salad Bar

Oakhurst Milk

Feature: Ground Beef Patties from Pineland Farms, New Gloucester

Pizza Cheese Sticks

Friday: Fresh Broccoli

Assorted Fruit

Oakhurst Milk

Feature: Fresh Broccoli from Lakeside Family Farms, Newport

Salad Bars will features fresh produce from Maple Springs Farm, Harrison  and Cooper Farms

Oakhurst Milk is sourced from local farms in Maine and Northern New England.

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