I am concerned about all the turmoil in Washington, D.C., about keeping (with amendments) the Affordable Care Act or terminating it and installing some Republican version.

Mark Shields, syndicated reporter/journalist, and David Brooks discussed the health care insurance issue on the PBS News Hour on Sept. 22. Shields said the effect of the latest Republican proposal would end Medicaid for 300,000 families and would hurt children especially.

Maine has many senior citizens and lower and middle class families who would be denied affordable health care. That could lead to deaths and, for children suffering from diseases, lowering their ability to do well in school.

I have read that one-fourth of Maine children go to bed hungry every night and that when school is closed, those children do not receive breakfast or lunch.

President Donald Trump and Sen. Mitch McConnell have the very best of doctors and hospital privileges.

I voted for Sen. Bernie Sanders in the primary and wrote his name on my presidential ballot. I voted for Angus King for governor and for senator. I called King’s and Sanders’ offices recently to express my concerns. When Barack Obama was first elected, McConnell vowed to prevent President Obama from having his proposals or his choices for the U.S. Supreme Court be realized. I hope that Sens. King and Sanders, and others, will not allow McConnell to destroy health care.

Joanna Walsh-Ward, Lewiston

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