The Review Committee still has restrictions against allowing a commercial wind energy company building a farm in Bethel. The committee members are listening to the anti-wind people and their scare tactics used in other western towns.

A positive study, showing impacts on health and environment, was published in the Sun Journal (May 6, 2015). The study found carbon dioxide emission, nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide all were reduced. Some supporters of wind power are the American Lung Association, Sierra Club Maine Chapter and Maine Renewable Energy Association, to mention a few.

The study provided evidence of health benefits of clean, renewable energy for Maine families. The newspaper article supplied valuable information for Maine people dealing with future wind projects.

Bob Chadbourne has the full right to close his land for all recreational use in protest of Bethel’s anti-wind ordinance. I support him and hope future land owners in other anti-wind towns do the same, including Rumford. The closed trail system would cut off snowmobilers leaving or entering Bethel. The closure could cause a negative financial impact on Bethel businesses.

I would advise the committee members to spend some time reviewing other towns that have wind projects. Those towns do well with the support given for tax relief and town projects.

Richard McInnis, Rumford

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