In the past few weeks, I have noticed that campaign signs are either being stolen, thrown on the ground or damaged. I have seen some of that happen in past elections, but it seems that this time that a specific candidate or an issue is being targeted.

It is OK to oppose candidates or issues, but violating the law by removing or damaging political signs is totally wrong. It is time for the public to get involved. If anyone sees someone stealing, displacing or damaging a sign, they should take the time to notify the police and try to get any information about that person in order to identify them.

Candidates have the right to expect that their signs stay in place. They are being stolen, not only from public locations, but also from private property. The law also applies to issue signs.

Two different times, I saw “One LA” signs that were damaged with a painted symbol indicating to not vote for the merger. The first time, I contacted someone from that group. The second time I picked it up and, again, I notified them.

I have worked for many candidates through the years, and I have put up signs and then taken them down after the elections. It is a lot of work. It helps the candidates spend more time campaigning.

People should speak up if they see anyone taking signs down prior to the election in November.

Richard Grandmaison, Lewiston

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