Two people living in separate homes decide to marry, live together, consolidate (merge). Will they live more cheaply and efficiently? Can the vacated property be rented for ongoing income or sold and the funds reinvested?

Will they continue to take separate cars to the grocer, out to dinner, movies, or will they ride together? Have they cut their electric, cable, heating, real estate taxes, basic charges for water and sewer and several other expenses in half or at least substantially?

Do they have more purchasing power with their combined incomes? Because they share the cost, can they participate or host events or make improvements that they never could have thought possible as individual home owners?

And most importantly, can they combine their wisdom to make their new home smarter, prettier, healthier and a much better place to live? Will the home be more attractive to guests and new friends who come to visit?

Basic common sense tells me there are significant savings and multiple benefits with the merger of Lewiston-Auburn. Buildings, entire departments, accountants, lawyers and layers of bureaucracy multiplied by two will now be only one. And like my experience with marriage, I sincerely believe there will be celebrations after the first, fifth, 10th, 25th, and even 43rd anniversary of the merger.

I hope others will join me in voting “yes” to combine Lewiston and Auburn. I believe generations to come will be glad.

Bruce Rioux, Auburn

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