Having read the recent news article of the One LA proposal financial report, it peaked my interest. They reported contributions of $79,925, of which $65,000 was from three local businessmen. It seems somewhat disproportional considering the total number of people who could have contributed, but chose not to. Could it be that there is something to be gained by those three business persons? It sure makes me wonder.

In the One LA proposal, the two school systems would combine, resulting in the largest school system in the state. So what would this mega system accomplish? Auburn’s system uses the neighborhood school model — a far cry from the proposal. Already, many parents have chosen to send their high school-age children to smaller private schools such as St. Dom’s, Hebron Academy, Kent’s Hill Academy, Gould Academy, Bridgton Academy and others.

My understanding of the reason is that smaller schools offer a better teacher/student ratio with more individual attention and a higher college acceptance level. A larger system seems to fly in the face of this logic.

Just saying.

R. Peter Whitmore, Naples, Forida

Editor’s note: R. Peter Whitmore is a former businessman and mayor of Auburn.

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